Indie subscription service GameClub goes live with 100 iPhone classics

Costs $5 per month

Indie subscription service GameClub goes live with 100 iPhone classics

The ying to Apple Arcade’s yang, indie iOS gaming subscription service GameClub has gone live.

Inspired by a passion to bring back classic iPhone games that became unavailable over the years, GameClub launches with over 100 titles, with more released every week.

Highlights include Super Crate Box, Hook Champ, MiniSquadron and Plunderland.

The games are all premium content, without IAPs and adverts.

And like Apple Arcade, it’s also priced at $4.99 a month, with a free month trial period.

Another way to play

“GameClub is a response to freemium fatigue,” commented GameClub’s CEO Dan Sherman.

“GameClub provides a new home for the best developers to come back to mobile to benefit of gamers everywhere.”

As well as the games, GameClub also includes developer interviews, tips and strategies, and making of articles.

And as a neat technical touch, if you have previously purchased any of these games, you can download the updated versions through GameClub without having an active subscription.

You can check out the library of games and get more details via the GameClub website.

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