Say Games, Voodoo and Good Job Games the most downloaded gamecos

Sensor Tower's Q3 2019 data

Say Games, Voodoo and Good Job Games the most downloaded gamecos

Facebook was the top mobile publisher through downloads in Q3 2019 according to Sensor Tower.

The social media platform gained near 682 million installs - 559 million of which came from Google’s store. Facebook came in third for publishers in the App Store, however, it took the top spot in Google Play.

Overall, Google was the second-highest publisher through downloads with 677 million - 218 million were on the App Store - ranking in first and second for the Apple and Android stores respectively.

In third, Say Games, the publisher managed to achieve fifth place in the App Store and third in Google Play. Closing out the top five are Voodoo and Good Job Games.

Chinese dominance

Six Chinese publishers cracked the top 20. Taking the highest rank - No.6 - for China was ByteDance, having achieved rank eight and five in the respective stores.

Unsurprisingly, Tencent is the country’s second most downloaded publisher in Q3, falling just short of ByteDance in seventh place. However, the Chinese tech giant was the second most installed publisher in Apple’s store.

Alibaba Group, YY, BabyBus, and Kingsoft close out the six publishers from China. They ranked at 11th, 12th, 15th and No. 20 respectively.

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