Mobile AR game Minecraft Earth enters early access in the UK

Phased rollout

Mobile AR game Minecraft Earth enters early access in the UK

Mojang's Minecraft Earth has entered early access in the UK.

As announced on Twitter, the UK has joined Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand in having early access to Mojang’s location-based augmented reality game.

Over the coming weeks, more countries will be added around the world according to a site update.

Previously, the game was available on Android and iOS devices in a closed beta - it was announced as part of the 10th anniversary celebration for Minecraft.

As of May 2019, Mojang’s title has sold 176 million copies worldwide, across mobile, console and PC.

Early access contents

“You’ll be able to throw down a buildplate and create an interactive Minecraft diorama for all to enjoy,” said the update.

“Stumble across tappables on your walk home, and get tapping to unlock resources and unique mobs. Craft and smelt your resources and collaborate with other builders to make masterpieces together.”

“Put your survival skills to the test as you battle hostile mobs in adventures. Or just gaze lovingly at the flower-topped friend that is the Muddy Pig, only to finally look up and realise you’ve missed your bus.”

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