Microtransactions down for console, steady for PC, only rising for mobile games

Microtransactions down for console, steady for PC, only rising for mobile games

Fortnite users are not spending as much money as they used to on in-game content.

According to SuperData, eight per cent of consumers spent money on Epic Games’ flagship title, in comparison to the 2 per cent for Destiny 2 and FIFA 20.

But the PC and mobile versions of Fortnite failed to surpass $100 million in September 2019.

The game has seen a steady decline for in-game spending since the beginning of the year.

Earning revenue

In 2018, in-game spending accounted for 85 per cent and 48 per cent of revenue for PC and console respectively. However, while the amount of money spent has remained consistent for PC, there has been a steady decline for consoles.

Mobile is the only platform to see a “significant increase in additional content spending over the past two years.

Why has in-game spending dropped?

There are two primary reasons for the decline in in-game spending.

Frst of all, additional content is failing to draw players in: 51 per cent of users didn’t spend any money on additional content, while three per cent spent $100.

Secondly, consumers are becoming more aware of monetisation tactics.

“In-game spending as we know it has reached a saturation point. Between loot boxes, battle passes, one-time booster packs and individual cosmetic purchases, there is no shortage of in-game monetization tactics.

“These strategies, however, are not enticing everyone to purchase additional content. Developers must seek out and identify the best approach for converting players to spenders or earning back player trust that was lost due to poorly implemented microtransaction models.

“Understanding the state of additional content spending is imperative for game publishers looking to implement such models in their own games. The success of microtransactions depends on game makers constantly iterating tried-and-true methods.

“While innovation is necessary in order to revive the stagnant market, effective monetization should never come at the expense of an enjoyable and fair game experience.”

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