KamaGames get innovative as it runs Pokerist ad campaign in US airports

Expects to drive 200 million impressions

KamaGames get innovative as it runs Pokerist ad campaign in US airports

Social casino developer KamaGames has expanded its ongoing holiday season advertising campaign targeting US airports.

Beginning before Thanksgiving and running for two months, the ads, which focus on KamaGames’ popular mobile game Pokerist, are designed to appeal to the high volume of travellers during this time of year.

The company says over 40 per cent of its revenue comes from the US, so it hopes the adverts will both attract new users and re-engage existing players.

Hey, big spender

Significantly KamaGames is running its ads in 78 airports, with the potential to rise to 90, and also rotating its creative videos bi-weekly to ensure it generates maximum ROI.

Of course, getting data on such campaigns is difficult, but thanks to technology such as QR codes, KamaGames reckons it can get sufficient feedback.

Indeed, it expects to drive over 200 million impressions across the entire two month period.

“The cost of user acquisition in the US is significant and there is every indication that this cost will increase further which is one of the key reasons we are always looking into new ways to potentially acquire new players,” commented CEO Andrey Kuznetsov.

“We think this channel has great potential to reach high-traffic areas where we can not only target new potential players, and retarget our current users but also further expand our brand recognition in the US.”

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