Snap Games adds Leaderboard Games to its chat app gaming platform

Two games launched with the feature

Snap Games adds Leaderboard Games to its chat app gaming platform

Snap Games has added a new gameplay format to its platform called Leaderboard Games.

Designed to complement the platform's real-time multiplayer games, Leaderboard Games are simple titles designed to be played asynchronously, allowing friends to compete against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard for their friendship group.

New games

The first two Leaderboard Games - created by Snap's games studio - are Find My Friends and Slide the Shakes. The former has players picking out their friends from a crowd, with bonus points for quickly spotting their buddy, while the latter has players sliding milkshakes to one of their friends while dodging obstacles.

The format also introduces a new feature called Score Streaming, allowing Snapchat users to see their friends live scores while in a shared conversation.

Snap launched its Snapchat gaming platform Snap Games back in April. While Snap develops its own games for the platform, other studios have jumped on board the new platform too - Zynga launched a battle royale title exclusively for Snap Games in June.

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