Gameloft puts the pedal to the metal with new racer Overdrive City

Asphalt with city-building?

Gameloft puts the pedal to the metal with new racer Overdrive City

Gameloft has revealed a new racing and car building mobile title named Overdrive City.

The French publisher claims the game is designed for players that love to "celebrate car culture". Players will build a city from the ground up before manufacturing, servicing, and trading cars with friends from around the world.

Drivers will be able to collect, upgrade, and customise over 50 cars from top brands including Ford, Porsche, BMW, and more. Following this, players can face off against rivals in a career mode to earn the right to become race champion.

Each city can also feature automotive showrooms, custom racetrack roadways, and other car memorabilia.

Fresh take

"With Overdrive City, we wanted to provide a fresh take on the classic city-building genre and delight car lovers in an original and innovative way," said Gameloft VP of creation Thomas Aurick.

"Gameloft has longstanding relationships with the most prestigious car manufacturing brands, and we are thrilled to leverage those to craft a unique car game that spans genres and audiences."

Those interested in pre-registering for Overdrive City on Android can sign up here. Overdrive City is currently in beta and will launch on iOS and Android in early 2020.

Gameloft recently rolled out a limited-time event that will see content from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker appear in Disney Magic Kingdoms. It also has another title in soft launch, called Disney Getaway Blast, set to launch in 2020.

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