The ESA is planning to "shake things up" for E3 2020

People are encouraged to get in touch with ideas

The ESA is planning to "shake things up" for E3 2020

The ESA has acknowledged that E3 needs to be reworked in 2020 after it received negative feedback by its media partners and event attendees.

In an attempt to improve the E3 experience this year, the ESA has found new creative partners as it aims to create a better experience on the show floor.

"You’ll be happy to know that we're not producing E3 2020 in a vacuum," said the statement.

"For E3 2020, we're collaborating with industry insiders and new creative partners, including the tastemakers at, to reinvigorate the show and, frankly, to shake things up, said the statement.

"We are well down the path on the development and production of a large, super fun floor experience that celebrates gaming culture in exciting new ways."

Making improvements

On top of this, the company has promised new streaming and digital programming and surprise guests.

One major sticking point for most media partners is the fact that, before E3 2019, there was a huge leak of personal information for over 2,000 members of the media who registered to attend.

The ESA has attempted to assuage fears for E3 2020 by stating that "we've upgraded our media registration process, which received a lot of attention this past summer. Earning back your trust and support is our top priority."

Have your say

The aim is to make E3 2020 as inclusive as possible, and the ESA is encouraging people to come forward with ideas on how to further improve the event.

"Over the next few weeks – and continuing all the way to E3 – we will be revealing more details and will continue to listen and learn," said the statement

"In fact, if you have an idea that you’d like to see come to life at E3, please send it to, and we’ll see if we can make it happen. No idea is too large or too small; we want to hear from you."

Last year, there was a decline in the number of people that attended the annual event. This may be part of the reason why Sony has decided to skip E3 for a second year running.

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