Adjust launches new feature to simplify mobile advertisement

The control centre is part of the Adjust Automate suite

Adjust launches new feature to simplify mobile advertisement

Mobile analytics company Adjust has launched a new product to simplify mobile advertisement.

The new Control Center will be part of the Adjust Automate suite. The firm's new feature will allow its users to view data across all campaigns and apps.

"With Control Center, marketers can offload manual, routine tasks, leaving them free to focus on being creative and pushing the boundaries of what marketing can achieve," said Adjust CTO and co-founder Paul H. Müller.

"The product also has the potential to be an equalizer in mobile marketing, massively increasing the number of campaigns one person can manage, and allowing smaller teams to compete with larger marketing departments. With it, the battle will gradually shift from out-spending to out-thinking competition."

Useful data

Adjust found that marketers manage around 19 advertisement campaigns at a time, these are placed across approximately 14 networks.

"Mobile is one of the most sophisticated and technical channels in marketing today, but it relies on a huge amount of manual work," Müller continued.

"According to our research, marketers would have to adjust over 250 distinct bids and spend limits. That means even a moderate number of campaigns can become complex to keep updated."

Fraud prevention

In December 2019, it was revealed that Adjust had prevented 200 million fraudulent app installs. Earlier that year, the company raised $227 million in funding to aid in its quest for fraud prevention.

Last month, Adjust became Unity's first mobile measurement partner.

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