Mojang partners with Mattel on NFC-enabled Minecraft Earth toys

Releasing in Spring 2020

Mojang partners with Mattel on NFC-enabled Minecraft Earth toys

Mattel is producing near field communication-enabled mini toys for Minecraft Earth.

As reported by Kotaku, the new miniatures were announced at the New York Toy Fair. The toys have been officially named Boost Minis, and will give experience points for Minecraft Earth when scanned.

Boost Minis are set to hit the shelves in Spring 2020 at the cost of $5 each. There will be 20 to collect, ranging from chickens and skeletons and the ever-popular Creeper. For a limited time, different figurines will offer different special abilities in-game.

Around the world

As of November 2019, the augmented reality title has been installed 2.5 million times. Earlier that month, Minecraft Earth entered early access in the UK - it had previously been soft launched in Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand.

Previously, the title was available in a closed beta on Android and iOS devices.

Mojang's flagship title - Minecraft - edged towards 300 million registered users in China in November 2019. Last May, it was revealed that 176 million units of the game had been shifted worldwide.

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