Glu soft-launches MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 in Canada

Franchise reaches 40 million downloads

Glu soft-launches MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 in Canada

American mobile studio Glu Mobile has soft-launched MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020 in Canada.

The free-to-play sports game has returned for another year with multiple game modes, along with updated content and challenges to match the events of the MLB season.

Thanks to the MLB partnership, the game features authentic league stadiums, official 2020 MLB teams, and MLBPA players. A global launch date for the game has not been revealed yet.

In the product description for MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020, Glu also revealed that the Tap Sports Baseball franchise has now garnered over 40 million downloads.

Out of the park

"Your baseball game is back with MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020," reads the game description.

"Download now to get a head start and continue your MLB dynasty."

Glu Mobile has recently returned to profitability, posting a net income of $8.9 million in 2019.

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