Julia Hardy and Aoife Wilson to host new gaming podcast for the BBC

Focused on games and real-life

Julia Hardy and Aoife Wilson to host new gaming podcast for the BBC

Julia Hardy and Aoife Wilson will launch a new BBC podcast about games.

The podcast, dubbed This Game Changed My Life, will come to BBC Sounds on March 26th. It will cover both game and real-life topics.

Hardy and Wilson will welcome guests who have a story to tell. For example, the pair will talk to someone about how they went from sleeping rough to being involved in professional gaming through his Tekken prowess.

Two people who met and got together through popular MMORPG World of Warcraft will also feature on the podcast.

Women in gaming

Hardy is a freelance presenter and the host for the BBC's 'That Gaming Show.' Wilson is a fellow presenter, and heads up the video team for Eurogamer.

As part of our Women in Gaming feature - to celebrate International Women's Day 2020 - we spoke to Hardy about convincing the mainstream media that games are worth investment.

In July 2018, both Wilson and Hardy presented the BAFTA Young Game Developers Awards.

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