Introducing Pocket Gamer Connects Digital - a new virtual conference for the games industry

Online talks, meetings and pitch events, accessible to all, April 6-10

Introducing Pocket Gamer Connects Digital - a new virtual conference for the games industry

You're no doubt well aware that some international games conferences have already been canceled or are now coming under threat as a result of travel restrictions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

In our continuing mission to serve the games industry, we've come up with what we believe is an answer (at least temporarily) in the form of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital.

Sitting alongside our live events in 2020, April 6th sees the launch of our first completely digital event.

We aim to distill as much of the content and spirit as we can from the traditional Connects live events you have come to know (and hopefully love) over the last seven years.

Next month's Pocket Gamer Connects Digital might be the first of many, or it could be the one and only. We just don't know yet - right now, this is very much an attempt to do something to help the industry.

For the first two days of April 6th-10th, you'll be able to select from a programme of great live video content full of insight and practical advice across themed conference tracks.

You'll be able to watch the tracks live or catch up on the recorded videos in your own time - and if you're online while the speakers are performing, you'll be able to interact live with them and the other viewers with questions and comments.

You can expect inspiring talks from over 40 speakers who will educate and inspire through an agenda of themed tracks set to cover monetisation and growth, global game trends and company culture, development tools and stories and strategies to thrive in the modern gaming market, be it mobile, PC, console or XR.

24-Hour networking for all

As one of the expected 750+ delegates, you will have around-the-clock access to the all-new online meeting system with built-in audio/video conferencing for all five days. So you can connect with other attendees to meet, discuss, do deals and make plans at a time that suits you.

Plus we'll also host online variants of our celebrated fringe events that bring together specific groups with specific needs.

To express interest in taking part in any of these events, please click the relevant link below:

Please note: there may be an additional fee for publishers to guarantee inclusion in fringe events.

MOST of the benefits of an IRL conference!

We're not going to pretend this will have ALL the benefits of a regular conference. There's no free drinks for a start (although you could crack open a bottle at home), you obviously don't get the thrill of visiting a foreign city (although we guess you could go on holiday and connect from there if you desired) and generally there’ll be less of those incidental catch-ups and spontaneous meetings that often make the whole thing worthwhile.

We're also not going to pretend we'll get everything perfect first time. This is very much a beta project - and we've priced it accordingly!

But we know that you understand all that; you're in the games business, right - everything is in beta! We also feel sure that you'll lend us your patience, trust and support to try and pull off something that can genuinely help us all stay connected, doing business and having fun through these challenging times.

We'll bring you more information on this exciting new online-only event soon, but the event is already live to sign up now at Early Bird prices. And you can save 10% off online prices until midnight THIS FRIDAY, 13th March with the code SAVEONLINE.

PS: If you'd like to speak at PGC Digital, or another of our upcoming events, please sign up using our Speaker Submission form.

Prefer to meet in person?

Not a problem - we're happy to help!

We're still bringing you the full schedule of international live events in 2020 including Hong Kong, Helsinki and Jordan.

Tickets are on sale now for Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle this May 11-12 at Early Bird prices with savings up to $275 before the offer ends at midnight THIS THURSDAY!

Book now to avoid disappointment.

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