Google Play opens up donations for coronavirus relief efforts on its store

100 per cent of donations go to the cause

Google Play opens up donations for coronavirus relief efforts on its store

Donations to aid in relief efforts for the coronavirus can be made in the Google Play store.

As reported by 9 to 5 Google, a banner appears at the top of the storefront. 100 per cent of donations made go to The Center for Disaster Philanthropy - an organisation dedicated to helping smaller companies fight the outbreak through supporting those in quarantine and health workers.

"The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is supporting local organisations helping to contain the COVID-19 outbreak and treat those affected. You can support their efforts right here on Play," reads the Play Store.

"Pandemic stage"

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy's website confirmed that the firm is not only supporting healthcare individuals and people who are vulnerable, but is also supporting hygiene promotion activities.

"The global novel coronavirus outbreak is rapidly evolving and expanding. Communities are now vulnerable to unknown sources of exposure," said The Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

"The COVID-19 coronavirus has a fatality rate considerably higher than the flu and its sustained global spread is concerning. In fact, it is coming extremely close to meeting the definition of a pandemic. Experts believe that it is not so much a question of if it will reach a pandemic stage, but rather a question of exactly when that will happen."

Industry effects

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused several problems in the games industry, with events such as GDC 2020 have been cancelled, firms such as Electronic Arts were already pulling out of the event.

More recently, Game Connection 2020 was cancelled despite being confirmed to be still taking place last week. Earlier this week, both SXSW 2020 and the Minecraft Festival were also pulled.

However, E3 is still scheduled to take place, though Los Angeles has since entered a state of emergency. The event still has it struggles as Iam8bit has pulled out. Several companies, including Nintendo, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, have urged their staff to work from home to avoid virus contraction.

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