Rovio, King, Super Evil Megacorp, and Boomzap to speak next month as part of the first Pocket Gamer Connects Digital conference

The first of 40+ international experts confirmed for online-only games industry event debut

Rovio, King, Super Evil Megacorp, and Boomzap to speak next month as part of the first Pocket Gamer Connects Digital conference

In case you hadn't heard, April 6th-10th sees the launch of our first completely online event - Pocket Gamer Connects Digital.

Sitting alongside our live events in 2020, we aim to distill their content and spirit for this digital incarnation to support individuals and businesses who find their travel curtailed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For the first two days, you'll be able to select from a programme of great live video content full of insight and practical advice.

You'll hear from 40 expert speakers across themed conference tracks covering topics such as monetisation and growth, global game trends and company culture, development tools and stories and strategies to thrive in the modern gaming market, be it mobile, PC, console or XR.

And if you can't make the time of the livestream, fret not - for you'll be able to catch the video on demand later.

L-R: Christopher Natsuume, Aurora Berg, Craig Chapple, Taewon Yun

Named and famed

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we are proud to announce the first speakers to confirm they will take part in the first Pocket Gamer Connects Digital next month:

Craig Chapple and Michail Katkoff focus on smart use of data to optimize performance

Boomzap Entertainment’s Creative Director and Co-founder Christopher Natsuume details how Boomzap has shipped over 50 games, employed as many as 97 people, and achieved great success over the last 15 years - without an office! He will talk about tools, process, hiring, contracts and dealing with publishers.

Megacool’s Co-founder Aurora Berg looks at mobile social KPIs, while Sensor Tower’s Mobile Insights Strategist, EMEA Craig Chapple and Rovio’s Head of Studio Michail Katkoff unite for a panel focused on smart use of data to optimize performance.

What are the benefits of publishing your game on console? Chorus Worldwide’s CEO Shintaro Kanaoya and Super Evil Megacorp’s Chief Business Officer Taewon Yun discuss on a panel with more speakers yet to be announced.

L-R: Joakim Achren, Ella Romanos, Simay Dinc, Eray Dinc

Ella Romanos and Harri Manninen discuss what investors want and need to see while you’re pitching to them

Joakim Achren, Founder and CEO of Elite Game Developers, features on a panel that looks at creating the right company culture for your mix. And we are delighted for mixi’s Director Langer Lee to join us for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital, sharing his expert insight in global trends.

Pitching your project to investors is a wonderful opportunity to get your big break. Ella Romanos, Consultant at Fundamentally Games and Play Ventures Founding Partner Harri Manninen discuss with a panel what investors want and need to see while you’re pitching to them.

Recontact Games’ Co-Founder and Producer Simay Dinc and CEO Eray Dinc presents a case study which will give brilliant insight into game making.’s Nick Murray discusses with a panel about how to manage your team when going from concept, to development, to launch, to live.

King’s Lead Producer Sabrina Carmona hosts a session focuses on production, while Glow Up Games Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder Tara Mustapha talks about narrative and design.

"In social network services, F2P games started to appear after Facebook was opened for third party application developers in 2007. Since then many other companies propose different distribution channels for free-to-play games on web browsers and mobile” says Imperia Online JSC’s CBDO Mariela Tzvetanova, as she reveals how companies like Imperia Online, Bytro and others from Stillfront Group have succeeded in brand diversification and what can be done to empower business to distribute more successfully their brands.

L-R: Nick Murray, Sabrina Carmona, Tara Mustapha, Mariela Tzvetanova

24-Hour networking for all

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As one of the expected 750+ delegates, you will have around-the-clock access to the all-new online meeting system with built-in audio/video conferencing for all five days. So you can connect with other attendees to meet, discuss, do deals and make plans at a time that suits you.

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