Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1: Meet the sponsors

Giving thanks to the sponsors who are helping make our first online-only event happen

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1: Meet the sponsors

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1 is just a few days away, and we're busy making sure our first online-only conference is as good as we can make it.

For those of you who don't know, PG Connects Digital #1 is the best of our Pocket Gamer Connects conferences in an online form, with an entire week of talks, meetings, and pitch events from April 6th to the 10th.

If you haven't already got your tickets, you've still got time to pick them up. Head to the site to get signed up, but be quick! The show starts in literally a matter of days, and you really don't want to miss out.

But we couldn't have done this alone. Without the help of our generous sponsors, PG Connects Digital #1 simply wouldn't exist, so we'd like to dedicate some time to thanking them for helping us produce the next evolution of our world-renowned conference series.

So without further ado, please meet our sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors

L-R: Unreal Engine, AppLovin

Unreal Engine - sponsors of The Developer Toolkit track

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine is the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D platform. Creators across games, film, television, architecture, automotive and transportation, advertising, live events, and training and simulation choose Unreal to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds. Follow @UnrealEngine and download Unreal for free at

AppLovin - sponsors of the Big Indie Pitch

AppLovin fuels the growth of many of the world’s most popular mobile games. Since 2012, the company’s technologies have been instrumental in driving the explosive growth of games from its studio partners and its own studios. AppLovin makes those same technologies available to all game developers, resulting in a richer mobile game ecosystem and better games for people everywhere. AppLovin is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with several offices globally. Learn more at

Gold Sponsors

L-R: APPTUTTi, Creadits


APPTUTTi is a 24/7 online portal that enables developers to publish mobile apps and games in China. Developers of all sizes can now enter China easier than ever. We offer different partnership options according to the needs and ambitions of developers.

Want to have an initial feel for the Chinese market? Start by registering and submitting your game for free! With our standard RSPP option you can launch your apps and games into 3 major app stores within 10 days. Learn more.


Creadits is an advertising subscription-based service that offers quality creative solutions for marketing objectives. We provide an end-to-end service from creative strategies to providing quality digital creatives efficiently and reviewing its performance. Creadits connects advertisers with a global network of professional designers on a centralised platform to produce ad creatives that are bought using credits. We are based in Singapore, London and Austin.

Track Sponsors

L-R: Fyber, Unreal Engine, AWS, IronSource, SuperSonic, Genvid, App Annie

App Annie - sponsors of the Global Trends track

App Annie is the industry's most trusted mobile data and analytics platform. App Annie helps game publishers and other companies create winning mobile gaming experiences and achieve excellence. Companies use App Annie to understand detailed gamers data and discover how hottest games acquire, retain and monetize users in crowded app stores. More than 1100 enterprise clients and 1 million registered users across the globe rely on App Annie to revolutionize their mobile business.

AWS - sponsors of the Live Ops Landscape track

Amazon Game Tech brings together solutions from across Amazon, for every stage in your game's lifecycle. Whether you're building a connected game, deploying dedicated servers, or looking to reach more players, we’re here to help you succeed. To learn more visit:

Fyber - sponsors of the Monetiser track

Fyber is a global technology company, developing a next generation monetization platform for mobile publishers. Fyber combines proprietary technologies and expertise in mediation, RTB, video, and audience segmentation to create holistic solutions that shape the future of the app ecosystem.

IronSource - sponsors of The Growth Track

In today’s oversaturated media landscape, engaged or ‘lean forward’ media moments are infinitely more valuable. By providing monetization technologies for engaged media properties, ironSource is there at every one of those ‘lean forward’ moments, powering next-generation advertising which reaches billions of consumers worldwide.

SuperSonic - sponsors of the Game Maker Insights track

Supersonic Studios is a mobile game publisher and studio headquartered in Tel Aviv. Our DNA is partner-first, and our goal is always to help our partners grow. We're a tight-knit group of game designers, animators, analysts, product managers, engineers, and monetization and marketing managers, who have anywhere between 300 to 540 games on our phones at all times (only because that's the limit). We dream in pixels and breathe out fire. Let's team up.

Genvid Technologies - sponsors of the Big Screen Gaming track

Genvid Technologies was founded by video game industry veterans looking to revolutionize the way games are watched. We believe that game viewing and esports is the start of a greater wave of change for our industry, as interactive media moves away from the bifurcation of "player" and "viewer" into a new type of experience.

Our technologies are built for game developers and broadcasting companies looking for tools tailored with games in mind. We are the first developer-grade broadcast technology, integrated with game engines.

Big Indie Pitch Sponsors

L-R: Poki, Plug In Digital, Lion Studios, Azur Games

Lion Studios

Lion Studios is a mobile games publisher that works with mobile developers to get their games discovered by players around the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lion Studios’ creative and strategy teams utilize their expertise to help game developers break through the noise and grow their businesses. Since launching in 2018, Lion Studios has driven 90% of its games to the Top 10 in the App Store and Google Play.

Azur Games

Azur Games is an international mobile game developer and publisher. Founded in 2017 with and headquartered in Nicosia (Cyprus), today its offices can be found in Moscow (Russia), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus) and Dubai (UAE). The company's portfolio boasts 50+ free-to-play games in various settings that have won over a sizable loyal audience, with DAU topping 30,000,000 users. The majority of games are 3D action shooters and hyper-casual.

Azur Games forges ahead with the ambitious goal of crafting the most diverse, exciting in-game worlds. Under this banner, our team strives to wow the mobile game community with unique products that give gamers what they want. Today, Azur Games has a staff of 200+. The company's main mobile projects include World War Heroes, Modern Strike Online, Pocket Troops, Worms Zone, Stack Ball, Homo Evolution and others. Azur Games is a data-driven company of market experts dedicated to creating original hit games. We experiment with settings and genres to hunt down and occupy new niches. You can find our games in the App Store and Google Play. Read more about us at

Plug In Digital

Plug In Digital is one of the largest independent video game distributors. We help studios and publishers distributing their games worldwide on PC, consoles and mobile. We are a driving force behind indie successes such as Dead Cells, FURI or Northgard and a key partner for high-profile companies such as SNK, Raw Fury, Paradox, Konami, Bigben, Bandai Namco, CI Games or Curve Digital. Dear Villagers, our publishing label, is a warm hearted invitation to join us in a place where talented studios can unleash their creativity and where players enjoy playful, distinctive and audacious games made for PC and consoles.


Poki is on a mission to create the ultimate online playground: a platform for play where users and game developers come together to play and create. With over 30 million monthly active users, we are market leaders on web. We help our growing game 200+ developer community, including Hipster Whale, Kiloo and MadBox, to achieve success on web. By offering their games to millions of new users and monetize via high-quality advertising. For more information, please visit

Associate Sponsors

L-R: CrazyLabs, Xsolla, Photon, Bidalgo, Vungle, Virse, Boombit,, Voodoo

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, and don't forget to grab your tickets for Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1!