App Annie, Sony Pictures Entertainment, AppLovin, NCSOFT and Zynga to take part in Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1

Speaker lineup for next month’s online-only conference continues to grow exponentially

App Annie, Sony Pictures Entertainment, AppLovin, NCSOFT and Zynga to take part in Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1

We can't believe it's come around so fast, but Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1 is nearly just one week away! Will you join us from April 6th to 10th?

Taking our conference schedule online, we'll bring you 40+ live-streamed interactive presentations from more than 100 expert speakers across seven insightful tracks. And they will all be available later as video on demand for you to watch at your convenience.

It's a long list today, so let's cut to the chase! Here are the latest speakers confirmed to take part in the first Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1:

L-R: Paul Barnes, Kate Edwards, Jim Ying, Emily Rose

App Annie are a welcome sight at our live conferences, and this time, they join us for our first digital conference with Managing Director EMEA Paul Barnes. He leads a session looking at Q1 trends in mobile gaming in light of recent global changes. CVCapital’s Managing Director; Digital Entertainment, Cross-Border Investment/M&A Jim Ying shares his thoughts on what to expect from the market now, in a panel session.

App Annie's Paul Barnes looks at Q1 trends in mobile gaming in light of recent global changes

Geogrify & The Global Game Jam’s CEO & Executive Director Kate Edwards, and RE:BIND.IO’s Founder & Lead Writer Emily Rose share their ways for dealing with disaster and disruption when your company is hit with something beyond your control. CrazyLabs’ Publishing Manager Shai Sasson shows how you can wash away your COVID-19 worries in regards to your company.

Hyper Hippo Entertainment’s CEO Sam Fisher, Critical Force’s Customer Support & Live Lead Mikel Silvennoinen, and Mobile Game Doctor’s COO David Nixon show the power of community management on their panel, while Behaviour Interactive’s Director of Community and Player Support Tara Brannigan also looks at community management in her session. GamePoint’s Live Ops Manager Wouter Schrijvershof argues that you should let your community guide you with your game rather than only trusting your GPS.

Mokuni Games’ Founder & CEO Kurt Young talks about gamification for mental health, while Netspeak Games’ CEO Callum Brighting, with a panel of other experts, talks about creating the right company culture for your mix.

L-R: Tara Brannigan, Kurt Young, Michelle Del Rosario, Sam Fisher

Zynga’s Principal Software Engineer Michelle Del Rosario speaks on her experiences as a woman in tech and leadership, covering strategies she’s employed (career growth, advocacy and DEI), detailing core responsibilities/skill sets that engineers in game dev utilise, and how to run a successful employee resource group like Women At Zynga.

Lion Studio's Eugen Quiring provides his top steps for making a hit game

How do we go about keeping the next generation of gamers safe? Big Fish Games’ Director, Legal Karin Hansen, NCSOFT’s Senior Corporate Counsel Yan Perng, kidSAFE Seal Program’s Founder & President Shai Samet and Utopia Analytics’ CEO Dr. Mari-Sanna Paukkeri all feature on a panel to discuss the measures companies can take to keep digital media safe for future generations.

"Today’s mobile game genres are just too restrictive and fail to take into account the true nuances of mobile game design.” GameRefinery’s Head of Game Analysis and Co-founder Joel Julkunen uses real-world data and insight in his talk to shed light on how a brand new taxonomy is needed to help mobile game developers truly unlock the potential of their new games. Eugen Quiring, Business Development Manager of Lion Studios by AppLovin, provides his top steps for making a hit game.

Fundamentally Games’ Co-founder Oscar Clark talks through audience-led decision making in games, while also featuring on a panel with Deconstructor of Fun Author Abhimanyu Kumar sharing the mistakes they’ve learned from and what they should have done before they launched titles.

L-R: Karin Hansen, Joel Julkunen, Yan Perng, Eugen Quiring

QA Analyst for King, Ana Luca shows how they do quality assurance and how Agile Jenga helps with their processes, while East Side Games’ Co-founder & CEO Joshua Nilson leads his session titled ‘LiveOps Remote Edition’.

APPTUTTi's Aaron Denford looks at opportunities in the Chinese mobile market, showing you how to prepare for a successful launch

Head of Riot Forge for Riot Games, Leanne Loombe gives studios some ideas on how to find your unique identity and leverage the benefits of a publisher to make their best possible product, while giving examples of how a studio, or developer, can position themselves to be the best candidates for collaboration.

RocketRide Games’ Founder Louis-René Auclair, Gamesight’s CEO Adam Lieb and Ascended Studio Head of Marketing Sami Mahmood unite for a panel which focuses on thinking differently about growth in the industry. Meanwhile, APPTUTTi’s Marketing Manager Aaron Denford leads a seminar which looks at opportunities in the Chinese mobile market, showing you how to prepare for a successful launch.

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Executive Director, Consumer Products, Interactive Games David Kim, Wizards of the Coast’s Lead Producer John Eberhardt and Numbers Only’s Transmedia Development Seth Crofton discuss IP/brand cross over development in games.

L-R: Oscar Clarke, Ana Luca, Abhimanyu Kumar, Leanne Loombe

We have more lined up!

Much like our live conferences, Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1 will host a huge variety of panels and sessions offering the best insight and exchange of views from every angle. Topics range from hitting different markets, choosing the right monetisation option for your game, merging product and user acquisition, raising money, pitching your game, and more.

Here are some more of the latest amazing speakers confirmed to take part:

  • Dead Five, Chris Kempt, Founder
  • GameFounders, Kadri Ugand, Co-founder
  • Heracles Media, Eric Seufert, Strategy Consultant
  • Independent, Kirstin Bosc, BD & Strategy Consultant
  • META Games, Philipp J. Karstaedt, Co-founder & COO
  • N3TWORK, Chris Heatherly, Games Executive & Consultant
  • Nekki, Dmitry Pimenov, Executive Producer
  • Paranoid Productions, Richard Rouse III, Owner, Creative Director
  • Pitching For Life, Walid O. El Cheikh, Coach/Mentor/Consultant/Author
  • Rockhead Games, Rodrigo Scharnberg, Business Developer & Executive Producer
  • Sample Rate Audio Production, Taras Terletskyy, CEO/Sound Designer/Music Composer
  • Transcend Fund, Graham Gockley, Principal

L-R: Louis-René Auclair, Aaron Denford, Sami Mahmood, David Kim

What’s in store for you at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1?

There's so much more to Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1 than the admittedly impressive speaker roster.

As one of the expected 750+ delegates, you will have around-the-clock access to the all-new online meeting system with built-in audio/video conferencing for all five days. So you can connect with other attendees to meet, discuss, do deals and make plans at a time that suits you.

Plus we'll also host online variants of our celebrated fringe events that bring together specific groups with specific needs.

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