Leadergamer launches international edition

Gamer Media pushes its brand outside of Turkey

Leadergamer launches international edition

Turkish gaming site Leadergamer has launched its own international, English-language edition at

The original site,, has been active for almost a decade. The team now feels it has the experience to run an international edition of its site, and has pushed out into this new world.

Leadergamer comes from Gamer Media, a network of sites including and Turkey. It was founded in 2007.

Expanding audiences

“We are looking forward to expanding to audiences from all around the world and deliver the high-quality experience as we always have. I’m excited to see our website reach more and more gamers as time passes,” said Gamer Media CEO Gokhan Girgin.

“I am proud to see Leadergamer set foot on global media after becoming one of the biggest gaming news outlets in Turkey," said Editor-in-Chief Yasar Baturalp Artar.

"Leadergamer is more than just a website to me, so I want it to be something else to our readers too. I want all the gamers from all around the world to see like a daily read."