How to add 100s of games industry contacts to your network without even leaving your desk

Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1, THE online-only games industry conference, April 6-10

How to add 100s of games industry contacts to your network without even leaving your desk

While Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #1 has 120 confirmed experts ready to deliver video talks and panels, it’s not just a series of webinars. Like any good conference, PGC Digital #1 is about networking. It’s about holding meetings, making new contacts, and doing business.

To that end, PGC Digital #1 has a new, purpose-built matchmaking and meeting system, ready to go. All attendees during the week of April 6th-10th will have access to the all-new Pocket Gamer Connects Network, a digital platform that helps you find the right people to connect with.

This is the first B2B meeting platform with one-click integrated Zoom conferencing.

If you’ve been putting off joining PGC Digital #1 because you’re not interested in video insight – that’s madness; there are four days of mobile, PC and console lessons to discover across seven themed tracks – you should bear in mind that it replicates the business meeting potential of a live event too.

We're delighted to tell you that the meeting system is available to attendees from TODAY - exactly one week ahead of the event itself starting next Monday, April 6th.

And if you're not in, you're missing out... 

Who will you meet?

We expect the event to attract up to 750 participants and we're nearly at that number already.

Speakers and sponsors - who all have delegates in the system - include the likes of Unreal Engine, AppLovin, AppTUTTi, App Annie, Fyber, AWS, SuperSonic, ironSouce, Lion Sudios, CrazyLabs, Xsolla, Niantic, Fingersoft, Sensor Tower, Housemarque, Deconstructor of Fun, Scopely and more.

You’ll also find a selection of press and media outlets ready to hear from you, including our own market-leading

How does it work?

Once you’ve registered for your ticket on Eventbrite, we'll bring your details into the PG Connects Network platform where you can create your profile.

This will be seen by hundreds of active games industry professionals also taking part in the event - and you might both be exactly what the other is looking for!

Tell them about yourself, your company, what you offer and what you're looking for. You can add a couple of Opportunities too; portfolio pieces like screenshots from the game you’re working on, or links to the tools and services you offer.

Then you can begin looking for the perfect business partner, using the advanced search functions.

Found a company you want to connect with? Simply click to arrange a meeting. You can send messages through the system and if they're happy to meet with you, the system will generate a Zoom link and schedule it in a calendar for you. Click the link in the notification at the allotted time for an instance video chat.

You can continue to send messages using the platform during the week and for a short period afterward, but by that time you’ll be firm friends with business plans for the future, right?

Carry on Connecting!

We'd be the first to agree that there's no substitute for real world conferences for networking - and we'll have more on those later in the year.

Right now, travel may be heavily curtailed worldwide, but that doesn't mean you have to stop Connecting with the global games industry.

Sign up today for your 10% discount - just use code SAVEONLINEMC10 when you book your tickets.