Slush 2020 gets cancelled due to coronavirus concerns

The team will still help founders that are struggling

Slush 2020 gets cancelled due to coronavirus concerns

Slush 2020 has been cancelled as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

As announced on the event's website, despite Slush not being scheduled till November, the direction in which the virus is heading and what impact it will have remains unclear.

"We don't know how the global coronavirus pandemic will evolve, what will happen over the next couple of weeks, let alone in November," said Slush CEO Miika Huttunen.

"While the annual main event here in Helsinki has always been our crown jewel, and the highlight of the year for our community, we have made the decision not to organize the Slush 2020 event."

Huttunen continued: "This change of direction might come as a surprise, but for us, this is the only responsible course of action to take as the health and safety of the Slush community remains our top priority.

"In addition, it would have been irresponsible to overlook the possible financial ramifications not only to Slush, but also to our partners, vendors, and visitors in case we would have been forced to cancel the event closer to November."

Helping founders

While the event may be cancelled, Slush is still determined to find ways to help those struggling with COVID-19.

"Moving forward, we'll focus all of our efforts on finding the best possible ways to help founders struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic," said Huttunen.

"Finding new solutions has always been part of Slush's DNA, and we are not going to give up our mission now – and neither should you.

"If history proves to be any sort of reliable predictor, the economic downturns have served as the launchpad for some of the world's most incredible businesses."

Many events have been postponed or cancelled as a result of the pandemic – GDC, E3, Rezzed and Reboot Develop Blue and the Taipei Game Show. However, other events – including Pocket Gamer Connects – have turned to a digital format.

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