Beamable launches its Unity-based commerce and social game toolkit

From the team at Disruptor Beam comes a new venture

Beamable launches its Unity-based commerce and social game toolkit

Launched from the experiences of Star Trek Timelines developer Disruptor Beam, startup Beamable has launched its new sophisticated commerce and social mobile game engine.

Integrated directly with Unity, the technology comprises two main components.

  • The first is a highly scalable cloud-based service, enabling the creation of in-game stores and merchandising as well as content management and social interactions.
  • The second part is a front-end bridging the gap between the game’s development built in Unity, the live game environment, and the backend.

The combination makes it easier for developers to create, maintain and deliver sustainable and commercially successful games.

"Our team has a background creating games for millions of people that are known for their deep social ties and strong unit economics," said Jon Radoff, Beamable's CEO.

"Our passion is helping the game-making community benefit from what we’ve learned and built."

Honed on the front lines

Based in Boston, Disruptor Beam was best known for mobile games such as Star Trek Timelines, which was sold to Tilting Point in March 2020.

"The process of developing games has always suffered from costly reinvention," commented Tim Wright, general partner at GrandBanks Capital, which has invested into Beamable.

"We see parallels between what Beamable has set out to accomplish in gaming, and what Shopify has done to transform e-commerce."

Beamable is currently available via an Early Access program, and open to games that are live, or plan to launch in the next 12 months.

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