My.Games is hosting its own Hypercasual Game Jam

A chance to win $2,000 and a contract worth $50,000

My.Games is hosting its own Hypercasual Game Jam

International games firm My.Games is set to host its first Hypercasual Game Jam.

Applications are now open, and there is no limit on the number of partners that can take part. Furthermore, development teams could win $2,000 and a potential contract worth $50,000 with the Russian publisher, should the games hit at least a five per cent click-through rate.

The event will take place between June 26th and 28th, and applications will be accepted until June 25th. Those who take part will be required to create a new hypercasual game. On top of this, they will need to demonstrate three separate pieces of footage for the game at a length of 10-to-15 seconds.

Global hits

All titles will be judged under three categories by My.Games – Best Mix of Ideas, Best Original Gameplay and Best Original Art. The winners will be announced on July 31st through the Game Jam's website.

Mobile games are at the heart of what we do at My.Games, and drive over half of our revenue worldwide," said My.Games hypercasual division head Andrei Dubinin.

"We want to share our experience, expertise and resources with this next generation of mobile game developers, who are focused on hyper-casual games. Through our Jam, we hope we can help those teams to turn their ideas into hit global games."

Last month, we spoke to Dubinin to find out why My.Games has shifted its focus to the Hypercasual market.

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