The Black Girl Gamers online summit is taking place on June 13th

It features keynote speeches and panels

The Black Girl Gamers online summit is taking place on June 13th

The Black Girl Gamers (BGG) online summit will begin on Saturday, June 13th, in partnership with Twitch.

As announced on Twitter (below), the event will take place on the front page of the streaming platform and will feature a range of keynote speeches, panels and talks on streaming, voice acting and the changes in the games industry. It will begin at 7pm GMT.

British blogger Jay-Ann Lopez founded BGG and started it as a Facebook group. As of now, the group has over 6,000 members.

Black Lives Matter

"The BGG Online Summit has been an idea of mine since 2019, but the timing was not right," said Jay-Ann Lopez to Tech Radar.

"Its goal is to heighten the visibility of black streamers, voice actors and professionals in the industry with the focus being predominantly on black women. Panels and gaming events happen all the time but rarely allow these people to speak their truths or even be part of the conversation. In this Summit, the speakers are the conversation - they are getting the recognition they are owed if at least only from BGG."

Recently, the games industry has banded together to support the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. Many, such as The Pokemon Company, Double Fine and House House have donated money to combat racism. Meanwhile, Riot Games has claimed it will put $10 million behind minority-led studios.

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