World of Tanks Blitz celebrates its sixth birthday with 137 million downloads

Update 7.0 gives graphical enhancements

World of Tanks Blitz celebrates its sixth birthday with 137 million downloads

Wargaming's World of Tanks Blitz is set to celebrate its sixth anniversary as it hits 137 million downloads.

To mark the occasion, a new update will be released, following the introduction of a battle pass last month. Update 7.0 includes graphical enhancements such as gun recoil, vehicular tracks, and dynamic shadows.

"With 137m downloads and over 27,000 different devices to support, it's imperative that everyone can still enjoy the game after we make significant updates," said World of Tanks Blitz product director Andrey Ryabovol.

"So, we added a graphical customization menu. This way, players are free to choose what is turned on or off, and it gives them a greater control over their Blitz experience. We hope all our players enjoy the birthday celebrations and good luck on the battlefield."

Happy Birthday!

On top of this, there will be in-game festivities and some new high-tier British light tanks – FV 301 Tier VIII, Vickers Cruiser Tier IX, and Vickers Light 105 Tier X. Furthermore, a new game mode – Skirmish – will be introduced next month.

The birthday celebrations will kick off with an event from June 19th to June 29th. Players will need to go on the hunt for a Tier VI tank, those who complete the task will get a unique player profile.

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