PAX becomes the latest event to adopt an online format

PAX Online runs from September 12th to 20th

PAX becomes the latest event to adopt an online format

PAX has become the latest event to switch to an online format due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As announced via its website, the annual conference in September will be called PAX Online and will run from September 12th to September 20th. Furthermore, it will be running 24 hours a day.

"Going digital means a lot more than just a change in venue though, and by transcending the physical, in fact, we're able to do more PAX than ever before," said event organisers.

"PAX Online is the result of the convention-organising supergroup made up of the people responsible for PAX West, PAX Australia, as well as our new friends at EGX to create our new PAX Online and deliver a steady 24/7 stream of content, events, discussions, and gameplay."

Welcome to the club

It will not be necessary to purchase a ticket, as the event will be free and available to the public. The non-stop action includes panel discussions, concerts, competitions, and some esports too.

For those that love to socialise, PAX Online will offer a range of channels to meet and connect with fellow gamers. Moreover, one of the main draws to PAX is the booths in which demos can be played, but organisers are working on a system to allow attendees to download and play games from the comfort of their own home.

Earlier this year, GDC was postponed as a result of the coronavirus, but since then, the conference has been turned into an online-only format scheduled for August. Similarly, recently held its second digital event, Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #2.

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