Google pledges $175 million for aiding Black communites

"Google commits to translating the energy of this moment into lasting meaningful change"

Google pledges $175 million for aiding Black communites

Google has committed at least $175 million to support Black business owners, developers, job seekers, and more.

As announced on the company's blog, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained how the money would be divided, with the biggest chunk – $100 million – going to "funding participation in Black-led capital firms, startups and organizations supporting Black entrepreneurs".

Meanwhile, $50 million is dedicated to grants and finance for small businesses, with a focus on the Black community. Next, $15 million will be used, via partnerships with firms such as the National Urban League, to enable Black job seekers to develop their skills.

Finally, at least $10 million will go towards aiding the Black community with education and equipment. Furthermore, Google wants to improve "economic opportunities in our developer ecosystem, and increase equity, representation and inclusion across our developer platforms, including Android, Chrome, Flutter, Firebase, Google Play and more." On top of this, $3 million is being used to increase Black representation in STEM fields.


"Over the past several weeks, violent and racist attacks against the Black community have forced the world to reckon with the structural and systemic racism that Black people have experienced over generations," said Pichai.

"As a company, and as individuals who came here to build helpful products for everyone, Google commits to translating the energy of this moment into lasting, meaningful change."

One of the core changes the tech giant wants to make is Black+ representation at senior levels - it would like a 30 per cent increase by 2025. To achieve this, the company will advertise its jobs both internally and externally. Not only that, but Google will focus on hiring, retention, and promotion at all levels.

Also, the firm will look to establish a range of anti-racism educational programs. It isn't the first firm to commit to these changes either, Niantic has made some internal alterations in the wake of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Furthermore, the augmented reality specialist will donate all proceeds from Pokemon Go Fest 2020 to anti-racism charities. Moreover, Riot Games has dedicated $10 million to minority led studios.

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