Apple changes up its App Store review policies

Appeals can challenge the guidelines

Apple changes up its App Store review policies

Apple has chosen to change its review policies for the App Store.

As revealed in a site update, "two changes are coming to the app review process and will be implemented this summer" for games and apps on the storefront. From now on, a developer can not only be able to challenge a decision on guidelines violation, but it can appeal the guideline itself.

Next, for apps that are already on the App Store, developers can implement bug fixes on its next submission rather than be delayed due to guideline violations, unless it is related to some legal problems.

Apple made this announcement shortly after it was reported that the company would reject all games without an ISBN in China.

To the future

Earlier this week, as part of WWDC2020, the tech giant unveiled iOS 14 which will bring with it an App Library, improved widgets, and a picture-in-picture mode. Furthermore, the company gave viewers a look at the updates it has in store for iPadOS, WatchOS and tvOS.

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