Paradox Interactive's Stellaris: Galaxy Command blasts out of soft launch

The free-to-play sci-fi title takes inspiration from its strategy PC counterpart

Paradox Interactive's Stellaris: Galaxy Command blasts out of soft launch

Paradox Interactive has launched Stellaris: Galaxy Command globally on mobile after seven months in soft launch.

After the universe barely survives an inter-dimensional invasion that devastates vast swaths of the galaxy, players must assist the United Nations of Earth in rebuilding galactic civilisation. Users control their own space station and can go on to discover new mysteries in the depths of the universe.

Players will work together with teammates to build an empire, occupy territories, create defensive structures, set tax rates for passing trades, sign trade deals, and work collectively to colonise planets.

The free-to-play sci-fi title takes heavy inspiration from its grand strategy PC counterpart, which launched in 2016. Subsequently, the game made its way to console in 2019. 


Galaxy Command has had a troubled run in beta phase, originally being pulled from soft launch in less than 24 hours after it was found that the game included stolen artwork from Halo 4.

In response, the studio wrote a blog post addressing the use of the assets, stating: "We are immediately removing this content from the game and we are deeply sorry to our fans and to the affected creators."

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is available to download on both iOS and Android globally.

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