Admix cuts payment terms down to 14 days with new Turbo payments

Those on 90-day terms to receive a better revenue share at the cost of having to wait longer

Admix cuts payment terms down to 14 days with new Turbo payments

In-game monetisation company Admix is promising 14-day payment terms to developers using its platform.

The new "Turbo payments" will be available instead of the industry standard 90-day payment terms currently offered by Admix. However, those on the 90-day terms will receive a better revenue share.

Admix notes that long payment times often come from a long chain of parties involved with the ads - monetisation platforms blame the advertiser network, which blames the agency or advertiser, and so on.

Changing standards

"As an ex-game developer myself, I know that long payment terms can be very hard on a studio's ability to grow, especially the ones that aren't well-funded. We looked at it and thought - this is not right - and we have the power to change that," said Admix CEO Sam Huber.

"We're super-excited to make Turbo payments our standard payment terms. With Admix, we’re not just aiming to revolutionise monetization, but change these nonsense 'standards'. It's in our DNA to build things that make developers' lives easier."

Admix raised $7 million at the start of 2020 in a series A round to grow its business. In June it launched a new User Acquisition Boost program to help kickstart UA for developers.


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