Sensor Tower expands platform with new Game Taxonomy and ARPDAU features

Game Taxonomy developed in partnership with Deconstructor of Fun

Sensor Tower expands platform with new Game Taxonomy and ARPDAU features

Mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower has expanded its platform to include new Game Taxonomy and ARPDAU features.

The Game Taxonomy feature was developed in partnership with game design experts Deconstructor of Fun, and allows developers to refine genre and subcategory definitions for different games beyond what is currently available on app stores.

For example, the "puzzle" category can now be broken down into additional sub-categories such as "action puzzle", "word", "classic match 3", and so on. This detailed look will help developers compare strategies for their own games against competitors within a specific niche.

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The ARPDAU feature is slightly more self-explanatory, as it allows platform users to see estimated average revenues per daily active users for supported apps and games. This can be tracked across a chosen date range and broken down into daily, weekly, and monthly ARPDAUs for a chosen app.

Sensor Tower notes that both features are in ongoing development, and it will be looking for ways to add to and refine these new features as developers start using them.

The intelligence firm secured $45 million in funding to grow its services back in May 2020. It also acquired StayFree and ActionDash to bolster its data offerings in June.

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