Facebook criticises Apple for its App Store commission costs

Follows the removal of Fortnite

Facebook criticises Apple for its App Store commission costs

Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon and bashed Apple for its refusal to waive its 30 per cent commission for apps on the App Store.

As reported by Reuters, the social media giant asked for the waiver to prevent small businesses from suffering by paying a cut to Apple when it uses Facebook's new online product that is being launched on its platform.

It is not the first time that Facebook has complained about the American tech giant. Earlier this month, the Facebook Gaming app made its long awaited debut on iOS devices, although it had to remove instant games to meet Apple's strict criteria.

"Even on the main Facebook app and Messenger, we've been forced to bury instant games for years on iOS. This is shared pain across the games industry, which ultimately hurts players and devs and severely hamstrings innovation on mobile for other types of formats, like cloud gaming," said Facebook Gaming vicepresident Vivek Sharma.

To battle!

Facebook's dig at the tech giant comes just days after Apple removed Fortnite from its iOS storefront. Last week, Epic Games created a new payment option for its players, which effectively cut out both Apple and Google, preventing either firm from taking a commission. Unsurprisingly, neither tech goliath took the news well, meaning Fortnite is without a home on the major mobile storefronts.

However, Epic Games took the removal just as badly. In fact, the Fortnite creator is suing both Apple and Google, it has claimed that both companies are practicing an "unlawful monopoly."

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