Huuuge Games files a prospectus for potential IPO

"We are now looking to the next phase of our growth"

Huuuge Games files a prospectus for potential IPO

Mobile games developer and publisher Huuuge has filed a prospectus to the Polish Financial Supervision as it explores the possibility of an initial public offering.

However, the company remains undecided on whether or not it will follow through with an IPO should it prove to be a viable option. Moreover, once the Polish Financial Supervision has reviewed the prospectus, Huuuge will proceed to make a decision based varying factors such as market conditions.

"Video gaming is already the world’s most popular form of entertainment and within this sector mobile gaming is the fastest growing segment. Huuuge has established itself as a leader in mobile gaming, bringing together millions of users," said Huuuge CEO Anton Gauffin.

"We are now looking to the next phase of our growth, developing our pipeline of new games and realising consolidation opportunities, such as our recent acquisition of Playable Platform in the Netherlands and Double Star in Finland. We are also considering an IPO as a possible part of this strategy."

Continued growth

2020 has proven to be an important year for Huuuge in terms of growth, as it made two acquisitions in July. The first being interactive ads firm Playable Platform, and the second was Finnish games studio Double Star.

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