PG Connects Helsinki Digital Careers Week: Check out some of the latest roles available at Hutch

Product manager, art outsource manager, and QA embedded tester roles available

PG Connects Helsinki Digital Careers Week: Check out some of the latest roles available at Hutch

Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital is well underway, and as part of it, we're once again running our Careers Week event for jobseekers and recruiters alike.

Not only will we have a number of talks focusing on getting jobs and recruiting the right staff, but there will be dedicated sessions to chat with recruiters in our event Discord, and there's a Jobs Board available over on the PGC Helsinki Digital website.

Right now though, we wanted to take a quick look at one of the companies currently looking to staff up - London-based racing game developer Hutch.

Off to the races

Hutch is the developer behind hit games like Top Drives, Rebel Racing, and F1 Manager, and it's currently hiring across a number of disciplines, so it's definitely worth investigating the jobs board to find out who the studio is looking for.

Namely, Hutch is currently hiring for a product manager to develop new systems and features for a game at the studio, an art outsource manager to help keep the art pipeline flowing smoothly, and a QA embedded tester to ensure the games are working right when they launch.

Across all these roles, Hutch offers flexible working hours, remote work for two days a week, private healthcare, stock options, and so much more.

If you want to check out these jobs and more, head on over to the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital Careers Week Jobs Board (whew!) and be sure to grab yourself a ticket to the show so you can chat with others in the Discord and learn more about recruitment in our sessions.


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