Microsoft is launching a new Xbox app with remote play on iOS

Already available on Android

Microsoft is launching a new Xbox app with remote play on iOS

Tech giant Microsoft has a new app to allow iPhone users to stream Xbox One games.

As reported by The Verge, the new updated Xbox app on the App Store will let iOS consumers use remote play, which will enable Xbox One players to stream their games to mobile devices. The application was released for Android users earlier this month.

It is important to note that the new remote play feature is different to xCloud, which uses servers to stream games. Moreover, the Xbox app will only connect to Xbox consoles, not to the cloud gaming service.

A connection can be established between the phone and console via WiFi and mobile data.

No cloud

The new Xbox app will be welcomed by iOS users that were hoping to play their console games on mobile devices. Earlier this year, Project xCloud entered beta on iPhones, but Apple went on to ban the app as it didn't adhere to App Store policies.

Apple has since revised its policies, though the big M is still not happy with the outcome.

However, xCloud is available through Android devices and has been open for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members since September 15th.

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