US court speeds up government appeal to ban TikTok

TikTok restrictions could be placed on November 12th

US court speeds up government appeal to ban TikTok

An appeals court in the US has agreed to expedite the government's appeal of a ruling that blocked its move to ban TikTok.

As reported by Reuters, the US appeals court has asked that all written briefs are handed in by November 12th, the opportunity to give verbal evidence will come at a later date.

Last month, a US federal judge prevented president Donald Trump and his administration from banning TikTok downloads, as they granted temporary protection. However, the US government made it clear that it would contend the decision.

However, on November 4th, US District Judge Carl Nichols will hold a hearing to determine whether or not to allow the government to move forward with its ban of the Chinese short-form video app.

Seeking protection

Should Nichols approve the prevention of transactions with TikTok, the ban will come into effect on November 12th. Naturally, TikTok will fight back and has already filed for a preliminary injunction.

"No evidence that the TikTok source code has ever been compromised, shared or used for nefarious purposes; no evidence that the Chinese government has ever obtained access to any TikTok user data, let alone that of US users; and no evidence that TikTok's recommendation engine systematically biases Chinese (or any other) political interest," said TikTok.

Recently, the ByteDance-owned app was banned in Pakistan due to "immoral" and "indecent" content.

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