Among Us hit four billion hours in viewership on YouTube in September

The majority came from the US

Among Us hit four billion hours in viewership on YouTube in September

InnerSloth's online multiplayer title Among Us hit four billion views on YouTube in September.

As detailed on YouTube Trends, the game has proven to be popular in the US with the country making up 18.7 per cent of total views. The game has proven popular across the rest of the Americas too, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina account for 7.9 per cent, 5.5 per cent and 4.9 per cent of views respectively.

Meanwhile, Among Us has proven to be a hit in South Korea and Indonesia too, the pair make up 6.4 per cent and 5.5 per cent of views respectively. Interestingly, the game became popular in South Korea in July, earlier than the rest of the world.

Category is

There have been many videos created around innerSloth's title and not just gameplay clips. Some creators have discussed its cultural impact, while others have made memes, comedic sketches, songs, DIY and animation.

Overall, animation related videos turned out to be the most popular, six per cent of all clips watched featured the word "animation" in the title.

Rising up

While established content creators such as Pewdiepie have no doubt aided in the impressive viewership numbers, so have smaller channels too.

Among Us has aided some channels when it comes to growth. For example, before uploading content around the multiplayer social deduction title, Hornstromp Games had just over 100,000 subscribers, it has since amassed more than 600,000.

On the mobile front, Among Us had an explosion in popularity across August and September. With a surge of 655 per cent in downloads, the game hit 120 million installs.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the game, its planned sequel has been canceled to maintain focus on the original.

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