Among Us surpasses 200 million downloads

It has generrated $39 million in player spending

Among Us surpasses 200 million downloads

InnerSloth social deduction title Among Us has surpassed 200 million downloads, according to data provided by Sensor Tower.

In October, the mobile multiplayer title picked up 75 million downloads, making it the most-downloaded game that month. Moreover, it pushed Among Us to 217 million installs.

Furthermore, for the first week of November, InnerSloth's title has remained at the top of the download charts. The installs have been accumulated through the App Store and Google Play.

In terms of revenue, the game is said to have generated around $39 million through player spending.

Out of this world

Initially released in 2018, Among Us saw a surge in popularity between August and September when the game had a 655 per cent rise in downloads.

However, its dominance became apparent in September as the social deduction title picked up four billion views on YouTube. Due to the success of the original, InnerSloth has cancelled the sequel to maintain focus on Among Us.

Moreover, in China, a clone dubbed Werewolves Among Us has been released. It has proven popular as it stormed to the top of the country's charts.

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