TikTok recieves seven-day extension to sell its US operations

The company has until December 4th

TikTok recieves seven-day extension to sell its US operations

The US government has granted short-form video app TikTok a seven-day extension to sell its operations.

As reported by Reuters, the ByteDance-owned firm has until December 4th to finalise a deal with Walmart and Oracle, though talks have been going on between the companies for months.

It is said that the government granted the extension after TikTok submitted a "revised submission."

Back in August, president Donald Trump gave TikTok 90 days to divest its US operations. The demand followed the politician signing two executive orders to ban not just TikTok, but Tencent's WeChat too.

Initially, a judge granted the video app temporary protection against Trump and his administration. The move prevented the US government from effectively banning TikTok in the country.

International woes

It is not just the US, where TikTok appears to be having problems. In October, Pakistan chose to block the app due to "indecent" and "immoral" clips. However, the country did lift the ban after the app made a promise to adhere to "societal norms" in Pakistan.

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