Publishers earning below $1m account for 2% of App Store games revenue

89.8 per cent of companies earn below $100,000

Publishers earning below $1m account for 2% of App Store games revenue

Mobile publishers that generate less than $1 million only accounts for two per cent of App Store games earnings, according to Sensor Tower.

Between January and October, the data analytics firm tracked roughly 29,000 publishers of which just 3.3 per cent, or rather 940 generated $38.4 billion of total games revenue, which works out to be 98 per cent.

Meanwhile, the remaining 28,000 publishers made up the last two per cent of earnings with around $834 million. Moreover, half of the companies tracked failed to generate $1,000 from their games, while 23 per cent earned less than $10,000.

Mo money

Moreover, 89.8 per cent of publishers didn't hit $100,000 in player spending. Thus they made up 0.5 per cent of total App Store games revenue. To top it off, year-on-year, the revenue share for those earning below $1 million has decreased.

However, 0.6 per cent of all firms tracked managed to generate revenues between $1 million and $1.5 million. Having been responsible for $38.2 billion of marketplace spending, 2.7 per cent of companies earned more than $1.5 million.

Last month, in a bid to aid small publishers, Apple announced a new initiative that would reduce commission costs for small businesses.

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