Project xCloud is coming to iOS devices in Spring 2021

It will also enter new markets such as Japan, Brazil, Australia and Mexico

Project xCloud is coming to iOS devices in Spring 2021

Microsoft's Project xCloud will enter beta on iOS devices next year.

As detailed in a blog update, the cloud gaming service will become available on Apple products via a web browser. The big M began to look at web-based alternatives for its app back in October.

Project xCloud was initially available on iOS via the App Store in beta earlier this year. However, it was later decided by Apple that the application breached App Store policies, and thus, it was removed.

Not only will Microsoft's cloud gaming service make a comeback on iOS, as well as be introduced to PC users, it will also enter new markets. In Spring 2021, consumers in Australia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico will get access to Project xCloud on their mobile devices.

In the clouds

"Expanding Xbox to new players is central to our ambition of helping games and developers find an easy path to the world's three billion gamers," said Microsoft Gaming CVP Jerret West.

"We are doing this by embracing multiple devices and providing a consistent Xbox experience wherever you log in, whether that's on your Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One, Android device or – starting in Spring 2021 – your Windows PC and iOS device from the cloud."

Microsoft released its cloud gaming platform as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September 2020.

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