Over 80 per cent of Zynga mobile gamers play to escape reality

"Our passionate community of players have built deep, long-lasting connections"

Over 80 per cent of Zynga mobile gamers play to escape reality

The majority of mobile gamers that play Zynga titles do so to escape reality.

According to research conducted by mobile games giant Zynga and the National Research Group, 81 per cent of Zynga mobile gamers (ZMGs) play games to take a break from reality.

Meanwhile, 65 per cent of respondents claimed to have played mobile games in 2020 to feel a sense of accomplishment, while 31 per cent of ZMGs feel as though they have more control when playing smartphone titles.

Furthermore, three out of four people surveyed explained that mobile games are a cause of happiness.

Time to play

When it comes to ZMGs actually playing games, at 59 per cent, the majority of them play in the evening. However, 53 per cent and 42 per cent of respondents play in the afternoon and before they go to sleep, respectively.

This year has been challenging for many, as the coronavirus swept across the world, forcing many to stay at home and away from their friends and family. As such, 58 per cent of ZMGs played games in 2020 to connect with loved ones.

Moreover, 56 per cent of those surveyed currently play games either with or against other people.

"Our passionate community of players have built deep, long-lasting connections that are truly the foundation of the Words With Friends experience," said Words With Friends senior vice president Deepthi Menon.

"We're proud to have helped facilitate these connections through fun entertainment and high-value engagement opportunities that have supported players seeking deeper social gaming experiences."

Consumer experience

When it comes to the mobile ads experience, 71 per cent of ZMGs find them to be equally as, if not more, entertaining as advertising on TV. Moreover, two out of three respondents like to receive in-game rewards for watching the ad.

Meanwhile, 32 per cent of people prefer playable ads, while 26 per cent would rather watch non-interactive advertising.

Unsurprisingly, ZMGs are bigger tech consumers than those that do not play mobile games. Smartphone gamers are more likely to use apps and social media. Moreover, ZMGs tend to have more subscriptions than non-mobile gamers.

"Compared to non-mobile gamers, our players were found to be more interested in seeing brand ads and were more likely to take action by researching and purchasing a variety of products and services," said Zynga head of global advertising sales Gabrielle Heyman.

"The secret recipe for brands to unlock this power is to focus on native ads. Our players are willing to trade attention for rewards, preferring both rewarded video and our custom Playables over other ad experiences."

Last month, Zynga opened a new development studio in Austin, Texas.

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