Future Games of London donates nearly $18k to small charity Lifelites

To provide life-limited children with specialised tech to play games

Future Games of London donates nearly $18k to small charity Lifelites

London-based games dev Future Games of London has donated £13,250 ($17,993) to small charity Lifelites.

With the funds provided by the Ubisoft-owned studio, Lifelites is able to provide life-limited and disabled children with assistive technology to enable them to play games. Furthermore, the tech offers children a chance to be creative by themselves.

"The FGOL team, along with each of the other Ubisoft UK entities are so proud to be able to support Lifelites' vital work to give life-limited children as well as those with disabilities a chance to play through using assistive technologies," said Future Games of London managing director Ian Harper.

"We have supported Lifelites for some time now and will continue to do so, and strongly encourage other gaming companies to do the same."

A tough year

This year, the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which forced many people worldwide to isolate as part of lockdown procedures. It has been a tough year.

However, for children with illnesses and disabilities, they have had what was already trying times made harder by the pandemic. Due to the coronavirus, these children have been forced to isolate, which has had a profound effect on their mental health.

As life-limited children are in and out of hospital all their lives, Lifelites seek to help them, to provide a valuable distraction through games and specialist tech. For example, through virtual reality, a child that uses a wheelchair could experience what it is like to run or walk.

Making a difference

"With the very generous donation from Ubisoft's Future Games of London, we can donate accessible gaming equipment for life-limited and disabled children using children's hospice services, giving them the opportunity to play with their brothers and sisters, and control something themselves, often for the first time," said Lifelites CEO Simone Enefer-Doy.

"It's wonderful to see that Lifelites-donated adaptive gaming equipment can have a tremendous impact on the lives of these children. It really gives those with limited lives, unlimited possibilities. This is only possible thanks to our supporters, like Future Games of London."

Derian House youth worker Mel Lowe added: "Social media and online gaming are such an important part of the young people's lives, especially to ease social isolation.

"By having access to the equipment provided by Lifelites, they are able to keep in touch with friends and don't have to worry about losing track of their gaming during their respite stays."

To learn more about Lifelites, you can visit its website.

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