Apple removed 48,000 games from the Chinese App Store last year

Due to them not having an ISBN

Apple removed 48,000 games from the Chinese App Store last year

Apple removed nearly 50,000 games from the Chinese App Store last month, according to Sensor Tower.

Around 48,000 titles got the chop last month, as Apple purged mobile apps that did not have the appropriate government license.

On December 31st, to meet end of year deadlines, the iOS creator removed 39,000 games from the App Store. The most it had ever chopped in a single day.

Last year, Apple first gave developers until July 31st to acquire the appropriate licenses, as it would no longer approve games that did not have an ISBN.


However, that deadline was then extended to the end of the year. Though, within the first week of July, 2,500 games were removed from the App Store, while a further 27,000 got the chop in August.

Overall, the games that were purged last year generated $3 billion in player spending since January 2012.

Moreover, those same games managed to accumulate 4.8 billion downloads in the same time frame. There were some big name companies that saw removals, including Gameloft, Supercell and Voodoo.

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