Imba Games joins the N3twork Scale Platform

I Am Hero performed well in pilot testing

Imba Games joins the N3twork Scale Platform

Imba Games has become the latest developer to join the N3twork Scale Platform (NSP).

The studio has become the first NSP partner of 2021, after its title I Am Hero performed well during its pilot test.

I Am Hero demonstrated strong engagement metrics in the idle RPG subgenre. Furthermore, the mobile title performed especially well in the European market.

Imba Games' title has a mixture of idle RPG elements combined with the strategy and tactics that comes with an auto chess teamfight.

Moreover, it has away from keyboard (AFK) features, meaning players can continue to build strong team whilst away from the game.

I Am Hero can be downloaded from both the App Store and Google Play.

Room to grow

US mobile games firm N3twork first launched NSP, a $50 million growth fund, back in April 2020.

Since then, a number of developers have been welcomed as part of the initiative. The first game to be released as part of the NSP program was Star Chef 2 in June 2020.

However, since then a number of studios including Grand Cru Games and Roofdog Games have joined NSP with Battlejack and Pocket Mine 3, respectively.

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