AdInMo partners with globle mobile ads firm InMobi

"It's fantastic to be collaborating with the team at InMobi to grow demand for InGamePlay brand advertising"

AdInMo partners with globle mobile ads firm InMobi

Mobile brand advertising platform AdInMo has partnered with global mobile ads firm InMobi.

Through integrating the two platforms, InGamePlay brand advertising can be supplied to InMobi's clients.

Moreover, the agreement will reach a premium games audience with the use of non-intrusive ads.

"Gaming is a key growth vertical for our team, and the highly engaged format makes it a premium advertising channel particularly in the mobile space," said InMobi marketplace development CP David Di Angelo.

"The non-intrusive nature of in-game advertising opens up the brand experience for our advertising clients."

Through a combination of both platforms, advertisers can programmatically target a range of games audiences, across several genres, without interrupting gameplay.

The future

AdInMo specialises in non-intrusive ads. Thus they do not disrupt the player experience. Instead, the platform allows brands to deliver click-free ads.

Non-intrusive advertising is set to increase this year, as a recent study conducted by AdInMo and found that 75 per cent of developers would like ads that do not interrupt gameplay.

"It's fantastic to be collaborating with the team at InMobi to grow demand for InGamePlay brand advertising," said AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers.

"We strongly believe the future of mobile advertising is click-free. Our platform enables demand partners to authentically serve brand campaigns to highly engaged player audiences.

"As brands look to shift spend to digital media and advertisers need to innovate recognising changes to third-party tracking and IDFA, immersive ads in mobile games offer brand experiences with robust viewability and better brand recall."

Earlier this month, AdInMo welcomed a new COO and VP of engineering. However, last month, the company integrated with programmatic advertising SSP Mobfox.

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