PGC Digital: Utilising in-game advertising with Adverty

"Imagine your game itself and advertising through the whole gameplay while still focused on the user experience. Making money without interruption"

PGC Digital: Utilising in-game advertising with Adverty

As the mobile market grows, more and more ways to monetise apps have been popping up, including in-play ads.

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #5, Adverty senior director of business development Christian Atack gave a talk on the future of mobile games optimisation - a new revenue stream for your games with in-play brand ads.

"It is really easy to utilise an advert within the game," said Atack

With Unity, utilising the platform can be achieved within seven steps according to Atack, meaning integrating ads into games has become easier for developers.

It is an additional revenue channel, "a seamless side of advertising," according to Atack.


Ads can be disruptive to the user experience. However, Adverty has worked on a solution to bring ads to games without hindering the player experience.

There are multiple ways to monetise on mobile, but advertising in games has become a huge revenue stream for developers.

"Imagine your game itself and advertising through the whole gameplay while still focused on the user experience. Making money without interruption," said Atack.

Brand advertising in games is not new, but it has been revolutionised, meaning it has become easier to utilise this method.


Banners were the first form of in-game advertising, and the method is still used today. Moreover, full-screen interstitial ads are also a traditional form of advertising for mobile applications.

However, times are evolving, bringing with it in-game video ads, an improvement upon the advertising experience. Furthermore, rewarded video and playable ads are also becoming more prominent within the market.

"This really changed the landscape because for the first time it was user request based advertising," said Atack.


Seamless placements are viewed as "the next level in-game advertising." The idea is that this form of advertising is well designed and non-intrusive to the player. For example, bus shelters could have an advertisement on it.

However, vehicles and skyscrapers, amongst other things, can aid with seamless integration for ads.

The benefits of seamless in-game ads (SIP) are that they can be placed anywhere within the game. They offer a new revenue stream for developers, aiding to maximise earning opportunities.

Adverty's solutions are beneficial to brand advertising due to ads not removing players from the game and offering seamless integration for a non-intrusive experience.

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