PGC Digital: Hypercasual specialist CrazyLabs nears four billion downloads globally

Approximately half a million in four months

PGC Digital: Hypercasual specialist CrazyLabs nears four billion downloads globally

Tel-Aviv-based hypercasual developer and publisher CrazyLabs has accumulated almost four billion downloads worldwide.

The new figure was confirmed by CrazyLabs senior publishing manager Rotem Eldor, during his talk at PGC Digital #5 on 'How to Stay in the Top Charts for 10 Years in a Row'. It was also revealed that the studio has 100 million monthly active users.

Further stats confirmed that CrazyLabs continues to remain in the top three mobile companies for downloads in the US, as well as earning itself top spot across Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2020.

CrazyLabs vice-president of live ops Michal Issachary previously announced that the firm had reached 3.5 billion downloads across its entire games library in November 2020. This shows that the studio has earned an additional 500,000 installs in approximately four months.

Minor setbacks

"We also fail a lot as a company, as publishers and as a studio," said Eldor

"People always fail and that's very important to understand that. We allow our developers to fail because we support them and help learn from their mistakes."

"There are no failures, just minor setback," he added.

A best-case scenario timeline for how to break into the charts was then shared by Eldor, starting with a prototype in week one, which includes a CTR (click-through rate) test. If this returns a positive result, the game then moves to week two for a CPI (cost per install) test and then for day one retention test in week three. If this all proves successful, then you finish on week four by starting to scale up.

This all then came down to a five-part recommendation: invest in your portfolio, keep your pitch simple, begin with a team of three, test to find out the game's potential and make sure to choose the right publisher for you.

A slide from Eldor's session giving an overview of CrazyLabs chart history.

This growth in the hypercasual market looks to be fuelled by a number of factors, including CrazyLabs' $500,000 investment into the Indian games market.

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