Fishlabs launching myFishlabs mobile games community

Going it alone with connected features

Fishlabs launching myFishlabs mobile games community
German mobile games publisher Fishlabs is launching its own community, called myFishlabs.

Users will register and create a profile, then be able to send each other messages as well as getting their hands on new Fishlabs games at discount prices - kicking off with the publisher's new Rally Master Pro game.

Members will get at least a 20 per cent discount on the price of games, although this may rise to 50 per cent if they buy 'credit packs' - the currency used by the community. Registering gets you 20,000 credits to start off, which Fishlabs says will allow some free game downloads.

myFishlabs will also act as a connected games community with high score tables - the company says all its future games will have connected features. Indeed, for the upcoming Galaxy On Fire 2, players will be able to upload their entire saved games, not just their scores.

Meanwhile, Fishlabs will use the community to distribute new content for its games, such as additional tracks for Rally Master Pro. This won't happen until the end of August though.

The community will also reward users with credits for signing up their friends and other actions, and Fishlabs is even promising free text messages between members.

It sounds like one of the most fully featured publisher-specific mobile games communities yet, so is well worth checking out. You can register by clicking here.
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