Niantic launches Black Developers Initiative

To aid Black game and AR creators

Niantic launches Black Developers Initiative

Mobile games specialist Niantic has launched the Black Developers Initiative.

As detailed on its website, the Pokemon Go creator has brought in the new programme to aid Black game and AR creators, through access, opportunity, resources and mentorship.

"The BDI mission is to fund new projects from Black game development teams - ranging in size from newer, indie teams to larger, veteran studios - for the purpose of building game prototypes that can live on the Niantic platform," Niantic explained.

Moreover, those that are selected to be part of the Black Developers Initiative will be provided with funding for five months for development. They will also receive executive mentorship and support from Niantic's team.

If a developer should wish to apply, they can do so by following this link.

Do better

Last year, following Georg Floyd's death, many rallied together as part of the Black Lives Matter movement as they called for change.

Throughout the games industry, many firms came forward in support of the movement, one of which was Niantic. Last summer, the company donated $10 million to anti-racism charities.

After BLM swept the globe, the Augmented Reality specialist vowed to make a change.

"Those efforts have included supporting our Black and underrepresented minority employees, empowering all employees to combat systemic racism and social injustice, and creating powerful, scalable impact through the culture, ideas, and role models we help to create," said Niantic.

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