GDC to go all digital again in 2021

In-person plans have been scrapped due to COVID-19

GDC to go all digital again in 2021

The Game Developers Conference 2021 has chosen to drop its in-person plans.

Instead of being a hybrid event, as first planned, GDC 2021 will adopt an entirely online format and will be held from July 19th to July 23rd.

Organisers have made this decision due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Initially, this years Game Developers Conference was to be an hybrid-event, mixing physical and online elements

"While we can’t wait to gather in the halls of Moscone together again, and we did consider an in-person component this year, we have decided that it’s more important that our speakers, attendees and sponsors be able to plan ahead, to continue to be as safe as possible, and to spend our attention on delivering the best possible GDC," the organisation said.

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Meanwhile, the organisation will hold its masterclass sessions on March 4th and 5th, featuring a range of workshops centred on the struggles developers may face in today's market.

Later that month, between March 15th and 19th, a GDC showcase will be held. The event will be free to all those who wish to attend, and will feature interactive panels, lectures and live podcasts.

"Our goals are largely the same: providing resources and great content as well as networking and discussion platforms to connect the industry," said organisers.

"But the new constraints around in-person gatherings and travel also brought creativity, and we have been able to develop new formats, and new ways to offer content and community support throughout the year."

Last year, GDC had an all digital format and took place in August.

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